Meredith A. Park


Global Lyme Alliance Peer Mentor

Meet Meredith

I am a Lyme Warrior and mom who loves nature, photography, traveling, and spending time at the horse stable with my daughter. My family is very important to me and I am passionate about creating lasting memories together. 

Outside of my professional work at an elementary school, I channel my creativity in DIY projects and gardening. I cultivate happiness in my home by nurturing plants and caring for our pets, Riley and Molly.

I have combined my love of storytelling with my passion for Lyme Disease Awareness and education to create my first book, Moon Child Rising. I am working on a companion book in which I hope to share my journey with Lyme in order to help parents and adults navigate their own chronic Lyme Disease experiences.

I am so very excited to share this story with you and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Be well, 


Why I wrote Moon Child Rising 

I created this story to help children with chronic health conditions, such as Lyme Disease, understand that life, feelings, and symptoms are ever changing. In our house, the phases of the moon guide us through our healing journey. There are good days and bad days, but there is always tomorrow. 

My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease at 19-months old. Our LLMDs (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors) diagnosed her Lyme as what is called congenital - meaning she actually got sick while I was pregnant with her. I have been sick for most of my life and only through her diagnosis was I able to finally find answers to decades long questions about my own health. We have both come a long way but our healing journeys are not over. There will be many more challenges ahead for us but we will face them together, head on, and never give up fighting for our health. 

Chronic illness affects not only those of us with the diagnosis, but everyone in our lives. There is so much strength within the community of chronic illness and I can promise you, you’re never alone. Reach out, ask for help, and share your story. The only way to overcome the stigma of invisible chronic illnesses is to be an advocate for yourself and those you care for.

Whether you are just starting your healing path or you have overcome obstacles you were told you never would; this book is for you. Whether you are navigating the medical needs of your child, a loved one, or yourself, I hope you can find comfort in knowing you never have to fight on your own. Hopefully this story finds a special sport on your bookshelf and reminds you that you are never alone. 

Remember, the moon will always rise - and so will you.